ICPD began by integrating pre-clinical and clinical data through modeling and simulation to improve how antibiotic resistance is defined in the clinical microbiology laboratory. ICPD then ignited the use of PK-PD-based dose regimen selection that now ensures optimal patient drug exposures and thus, an increased likelihood of successful response during the antibiotic development process.

ICPD educates drug regulators and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies on PK-PD-based strategies to make certain safe and effective antibiotics are available to thwart the growing threat of antibiotic-resistance.

ICPD Technologies has used the foundation laid by ICPD and others to develop a mobile device application that provides PK-PD education to clinicians. Through the revolutionary PK-PD Compass, ICPD Technologies will carry out a mission to educate clinicians and improve antibiotic stewardship efforts worldwide.